Monday, March 27, 2017

Heal Hypothyroidism Symptoms Naturally

375x321_how_does_your_thyroid_work_video.jpgAccording to the United States National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, an estimated 27 million Americans suffer from thyroid disease? Not only that but 13 million of these sufferers are currently undiagnosed. Additionally, the risk of thyroid disease increases as you age and women are seven times more likely than men to be diagnosed with thyroid issues.

What not to do: Iodine Supplements: Using iodine to treat an underactive thyroid gland is controversial. Very few Americans get too little iodine, though your years of avoiding iodized salt may have resulted in an inadequate iodine intake for you. In a case report, a woman who usedkelp as an iodine supplement aggravated her thyroid disease.

How can I boost my thyroid?
  1. Eliminate processed foods and carbohydrates, including sugar. ...
  2. Meet your Lean Body Mass water & protein requirements
  3. Eat certain thyroid-boosting fats like coconut oil.
  4. Incorporate thyroid-boosting fermented foods and drinks
  5. Eat your sea vegetables.

George, Dr. Kosmides nearly lost his life at 19 after a major car accident. This is what moved him into the field of health. Within 5 years of graduating George lost his father at the age of 56 to diabetic side-effects.  He has since studied at some of the largest clinics in north America to learn why!  
For over 22 years Dr. George has been in active practice. He is a best-selling author and founder of a global wellness company Lean Body Academy, a supplement company, a coaching company and author of "Life without diabetes" (The Book) was created to help people around the world to begin to take control of their health and to promote and grow their family's health ethically and honestly.