Friday, March 10, 2017

Offering Efficient Yet Economical Obesity Management Solutions

The Lean Body Academy is an initiative by Dr. George Kosmides to provide people at large the best solution to foster weight loss and fat loss. This institute dedicated itself to offer services and solutions for fast weight loss that comes completely safe and economical for the mass.

In contemporary times, the peril of obesity is swallowing the global health. Obesity makes life tough, snatches the usual happiness from life and makes the individual a soft target to various types of physical and mental ailments. As such, people aspires to get a solution that will enable them to win over the challenges. They are not hesitant to try remedies like the diet pills as well as several other superficial remedies to get the coveted lean and trim body. However, winning over the obesity problem is a tough ballgame. The Lean body Academy offers comprehensive solutions under one roof that support the mass to cut off the extra body fats and weight in a safe and economical way.

Dr. George Kosmides DC, CCN, CMUA he holds certification as a clinical nutritionist. He is a trained in Chinese Acupuncture and has delightful knowledge in Ayurveda. He combines his knowledge, dedication and passion for coming up with safe and effective solutions for winning over obesity. Under his able leadership, the Lean body Academy has secured an impressive track record in helping people to win over obesity within the minimum time span.

“The Lean body Academy is dedicated to assisting people to win over obesity and to get a better quality life. We offer fat loss methods that can bring a permanent solution to the problem of obesity. Members are entitled to get personalized guidance and assistance in their mission to get a perfectly trimmed body and better health @”, stated Dr. George Kosmides.
About Lean body Academy
The Lean body Academy is a provider of obesity management solution and services. This health care provider was founded by Dr. George Kosmides. Please visit for more information.

The Lean body Academy offers effective, safe and economical obesity management and fat reduction solutions to the people at large. All virtual @
George, Dr. Kosmides nearly lost his life at 19 after a major car accident. This is what moved him into the field of health. Within 5 years of graduating George lost his father at the age of 56 to diabetic side-effects.  He has since studied at some of the largest clinics in north America to learn why!  
For over 22 years Dr. George has been in active practice. He is a best-selling author and founder of a global wellness company Lean Body Academy, a supplement company, a coaching company and author of "Life without diabetes" (The Book) was created to help people around the world to begin to take control of their health and to promote and grow their family's health ethically and honestly. GET THE APP