Monday, March 13, 2017

"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything."-Mark Twain

A Quick Quiz
Which of the following statements about Type 2 Diabetes do you believe to be correct?

Type 2 Diabetes is incurable and irreversible, but researchers are closing in on a cure soon.
Type 1 childhood DiabetesDiabetes is a purely genetic problem. There's nothing you can do about it except take your insulin injections and hope for a new research breakthrough.
Prediabetes, or insulin resistance, is a common blood sugar abnormality you can live with, and is considered normalso long as your glucose levels are controlled with medications.
Diabetes is no big deal. By closely monitoring your blood sugar and following your doctor's orders, you can enjoy a normal life and escape the horrific complications of Diabetes like nerve damage, eventual blindness and loss of limbs through amputation - not to mention heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer's disease.
Amazingly, all of these statements are false.
Not only are all of these statements false, the misinformation is also extremely dangerous if you have Diabetes or are on your way to developing it.
Now, I realize you've probably heard each of these pronouncements from numerous respected sources such as your doctor, the American Diabetes Association (or ADA), the pharmaceutical industry, and the mainstream media. But every one of these popular untruths about Diabetes is dead wrong. I'll show you clinical research that disputes them all in my new book, Life Without Diabetes.
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This book will also introduce you to actual patients who are living proof that modern medicines false statements about (and treatment of) Diabetes are expensive, complicated, risky and designed for failure.
George, Dr. Kosmides nearly lost his life at 19 after a major car accident. This is what moved him into the field of health. Within 5 years of graduating George lost his father at the age of 56 to diabetic side-effects.  He has since studied at some of the largest clinics in north America to learn why!  

For over 22 years Dr. George has been in active practice. He is a best-selling author and founder of a global wellness company Lean Body Academy, a supplement company, a coaching company and author of "Life without diabetes" (The Book) was created to help people around the world to begin to take control of their health and to promote and grow their family's health ethically and honestly. GET THE APP