Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The 5 Things You Can Control in Life That Have the Biggest Impact...

Your Self-Talk "That inner voice"  We all have a voice in our heads talking us in or out of something...  That voice can often be critical as it will usually go back to old habit patterns, usually the negative ones and get in the way of our goals,happiness and success. Try this... Count the times you engage in negative self-talk for one day. I think you'll  may surbe quite surprised you how often you criticize yourself (self loathing behavior).  When you begin to recognize this and replace it with encouraging words, your mindset and attitude will shift. Be kind with and to yourself. For example, instead of telling yourself you’re not good enough and you "messed up", remind yourself that you are worthy of kindness and attention, or that it’s okay to make mistakes—we all do!
Your Lifestyle / Food Choices - Even though processed foods might taste great, junk food is a negative in so many ways. It makes your brain and body dysfunctional in so many ways . Consuming white and refined sugars has been linked to all kinds of negative conditions (including metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and yes cancer), not to mention mood swings, elevated body fat and emotional crashes that kill productivity.  Simple fixes like keeping a bag of carrots or a bowl of fruit handy help us pick up the healthier choice when we're depleted and hungry and reaching for the closest snack. Easy-to-whip-up, raw nuts and seeds for example.

Always begin with the basics.  We have heard this throughs or lives.  So let's go through what i think to be the BIG 5 and the one we have the most control over.
  1. Breathing “our breath”  Most people you and I included may not even think about breathing (I myself used to talk for many seconds at a time and forget to breathe and have to catch myself!). When you focus on your breath, you can count “one” and "two" inhale and exhale. When you get to 10, start over. I bet you'll start to feel better and more centered immediately.  Those of you who follow my blog and periscope broadcasts know i talk about “keeping your breath”.  The ability to keep a reasonable conversation while walking/movement.

  1. Body Language -  "Body position and facial expressions" you can and will demonstrate more power and self-confidence by fundamentally changing the way you hold your body. For example, adopting a powerful stance—arms on hips - feet planted wide, causing you to take up more space— Actually can increases testosterone and decreases the stress hormone cortisol (don't worry lady's this will not cause any man like features...). The result? This "power positioning" will make you feel more, well powerfull.. Think about this before you meet with a potential client, go to interview, or even just before you leave the house.

  1. Sleep The Key Metabolic Balancer - Sleep is absolutely critical for health, anti aging and fat loss.  As well as mental focus, concentration, job and academic and physical performance.  As well as keeping your appetite under control, and a many other positive health outcomes. In order to “hack” sleep, you have to set a routine. Set a time to be in bed, mine is  9:30 p.m. and I wake up by 6:15 a.m.  If your brain can't calm down while you're trying to fall asleep, here is a tip, tell yourself, “I'm proud of what I accomplished today, I'm going to let my brain and body rest now." Or try other trusted get-to-sleep-ASAP methods, including cutting back on alcohol.

George, Dr. Kosmides nearly lost his life at 19 after a major car accident. This is what moved him into the field of health. Within 5 years of graduating George lost his father at the age of 56 to diabetic side-effects.  He has since studied at some of the largest clinics in north America to learn why!  
For over 22 years Dr. George has been in active practice. He is a best-selling author and founder of a global wellness company Lean Body Academy, a supplement company, a coaching company and author of "Life without diabetes" (The Book) was created to help people around the world to begin to take control of their health and to promote and grow their family's health ethically and honestly.